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march 23rd and 24th, 2022








About the event

How to be prepared to increase competitiveness in Latin American industrial production and take advantage of business opportunities in the global economic climate.

“As a fundamental part of the need to create a strong base of Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers to join the auto parts supply chain in Mexico, Latin American metalworking shops must prepare for two fundamental market trends: The first is toward optimal machining and forming of aluminum parts. The second is to increase productivity in the machining and assembly of high-strength steel parts.

To increase productivity and lower costs, it is important to increase the number of parts that can be made per cycle, reduce cycle times and reduce unexpected downtime.

The metal-mechanical manufacturers will receive from international experts, the necessary information to learn how to take advantage of digital tools, the implementation of intelligent management systems and the use of data analysis to produce intelligently”.

Miguel Garzón
Editor in Chief Metalmecanica Internacional

Academic Program


Smart supply chains
Process standardization
Job training for Industry 4.0: Human management for the new generation of
industrial workers
Challenges and opportunities of the global manufacturing industry
Resource consciousness for the metalworking industry

*Academic program subject to modifications


Analysis tools: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
From design to product: Additive manufacturing, from CAD/CAM to finished parts
Automation a necessity to reach productivity levels
Process monitoring: Converting data into crucial information for the process

*Academic program subject to modifications

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Attendee Profile

Aimed at professional decision makers who are constantly challenged to optimize PRODUCTION PROCESSES AND SYSTEMS in their companies. CEOs, executive directors, presidents, vice presidents, general managers, leaders, especially from metal products manufacturing companies, machinery manufacturers, transportation equipment manufacturers, primary metal manufacturers, among others:



Other Industries

  • Corporate Management
  • Manufacturing, Production, Engineering, Management
  • Manufacturing, Production, Engineering, Quality Personnel
  • Manufacturing and production department

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